perjantai 14. helmikuuta 2014


How much does one kilowatt weight? What kind of music does meterband play? How thin the antenna gets when it is split into five SDR-receivers? How much weight carrier wave can carry? Which numbers does AM dial? Does bears poop in the forest? These and many more DX-related mysteries will again be solved during the first two weeks of March when Team LURX will revisit the ultimate wilderness on their World Wide Lapland Tour 2014. If any of these questions have bothered your mind, frequent visits to this blogspot site are highly recommended.

What comes to the intriguing title of this DX-adventure; no, they haven´t gone through any surgeries to get their hands shortened so that it would be easier for them to keep their hands in their pockets while sitting and listening to SDR´s. No. At least not yet. Team LURX is this time on the road truly shorthanded – without their irreplaceable center forward … so this time they will definitely be even more lost than usual. Now they have also chosen to use pseudonyms to avoid somewhat embarrassing publicity that these adventures inevitably tend to provide leading to early termination of employments, sudden loss of friends and relatives, frequent and persistent contacts from the health care professionals (those nice young men in their clean white coats) etc.

LEM343 participants are:

In the right corner, the ingenious big cat tamer, pole vault artist and the creator of the heligopter antenna, the one and only … Mr. Valo Piiparinen !!!

Left all alone in the left corner, the master of gee-string-theory, with the smell from hell and the ears of a turtle, hopefully one of a kind … Mr. Marko N. Savunhaju !!!

(Team LURX center forward Mr. Arnold Bragdens – also called as the “Papa Lurx” - had some Arranged Blonds for these weeks and will not be attending …)

Beginning on the 1st of March … Be there!


Fair warning! Exposure to joint-reporting and/or any benefits gained from other DXers or their loggings may endanger your rank-points and stigmatize even your previously owned QSLs as joint-QSLs. Reading Team LURX blogspot may cause exposure to the dx-listening techniques that are found to cause extreme distortion of competition and therefore might lead to your immediate disqualification in the Rank competition as well as any other national competitions. Everyone who´s reading this heretic blogspot beyond this point, in defiance of the TRIBE (The Rankpoints Investigation Bureau “E”, a Division of the Prestigious and Almighty Stationpoints Calculating Agency) rules, is therefore hereby made aware that continuing reading this pitiful excuse for a blog includes considerably high risk that you will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately … the TRIBE has spoken.